GalleryHere are some examples of Taipuu woodworks

taipuu pinottava jakkara 2

Stackable stool - Birch

A durable and simple stool with sofisticated details. Stackabe to a jazzy upward spiral shape.

taipuu speakers

Speaker cases - Birch and white oak

Solid wood speaker cases made of birch and white oak with a satin finish.

taipuu sohva

Wooden couch - Oak

This old style wooden couch was made fully of oak to fit an appartment's syle. The sturdy cover hides a spacious storage.

taipuu pirttikalusto

Table & bences - Various wood types

A set of atable and two beches. Top of the table and benches are made with cross laminated pieces using oak and ash. The star figure requested on the top of the table was made by embedding. The star figure holds rowan, ash and hazel.

taipuu poyta

Table - Four different wood types

This table was created as an ambitious final school project. There are four different wood types in the table. In addition to the appearance of the wood types their toughness is taken into account. Rowan was used for decorating and as a tough wood jatoba was used for the wedges and for its' unique appearance for embedding. More images of this table at the bottom of the page.

taipuu poyta
taipuu tv taso
taipuu yopoyta
taipuu laatikko
taipuu kaiutin
taipuu laatikko